Brian Juan

Brian Juan grew up in Vernon, New Jersey and has played keyboards with dozens of Front Range acts since moving to Colorado in 1996. He’s played arenas with jam bands while dressed as a robot, salsa danced badly while touring the country with a handful of people in an RV, backed up some international recording artists, and worked as a comedian in an all-request piano show. He is also a board-certified family physician who is married, fully transitioned to the suburbs, and only sometimes overwhelmed raising an increasingly terrifying but awe-inspiring teenage daughter and two high-energy, Star Wars-loving stepsons.

Dr. Juan performs live music with various bands in the Denver/Boulder area and continues to spread rumors about his unfinished solo album (it’s a magnum opus). He has been practicing traditional hot yoga for over 20 years and recently began training for a return to triathlons – with the intention (for now) of finishing, not winning. He maintains a healthy relationship with superhero comic books and awaits the release of new Star Wars movies with bated breath. He supports Virtual Reality but still enjoys camping without Wi-Fi.

Brian has appeared on stage and in the studio playing Hammond Organ and piano with the Otis Taylor Band since 2003.

Visit his website HERE.

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